21/02/2023 | UMSI

UMS has acquired and successfully deployed the Raptor®, the newly Federal Communications Commission certified high-speed ground penetrating radar (GPR) array manufactured by Impulse Radar AB in Sweden. The system is the first GPR array to incorporate real-time digital sampling technology that allows the collection of 3D GPR data at posted highway speeds. The advanced digital technology provides increased depth penetration in most soils and a large bandwidth facilitates greater resolution of utility and other targets.


  • Collect data at posted highway speeds in most areas
  • High-resolution, dense 3D data coverage
  • Positioning to survey grade
  • Utility and other features are directly mapped to CAD software


  • Reduces project data collection costs and time
  • No lane closures or traffic control for most projects
  • Augments all sensor data for SUE investigations over large areas not practical with 2D GPR systems
  • Provides higher quality dense data to detect more underground facilities and other buried objects