Professional Utility Investigations

We are experts in establishing the georeferenced position of utility infrastructure and accurately depicting that infrastructure in accordance with ASCE Standard 38 and managing utility data in accordance with ASCE Standard 75.

UMS combines state-of-the-art geophysical, remote sensing, bathymetric, LiDAR, and survey technologies with supplemental non-destructive test holes to designate and depict utility infrastructure and develop professional CADD, GIS, and report submittals.

Accurate and reliable 2D depictions and 3D models of utility infrastructure enable improved conflict analytics, designs, and construction planning. Project owners, designers, utility operators, and contractors can then collaborate to find resolutions to those conflicts that ensure safe, fast, and trouble-free construction well before groundbreaking begins.

Utility Investigations - Utility Mapping Services
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Impact Showcase

Sun River Connector Trail

Sun River Connector Trail

UMS, as part of the TD&H Engineering team were awarded the Small Projects Category Honor Award from ACEC-Montana for the Sun River Connector Trail.   This project added 10 feet width to the I-15 Sun River Bridge in Great Falls, MT for use as a non-motorized link for the community.  This project entailed the driving of sheet piles for a reinforced concrete moment slab which was cantilevered over the sheet piles.


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Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART)

Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART)

UMS completed a Phase 1 utility investigation for the City Center Guideway and Stations (CCGS) project.  The CCGS completes the eastern segment currently under construction across the island of Oahu. UMS work on this project has consisted of mapping existing utilities along an approximately 5-mile long corridor to provide utility information for design and construction coordination.

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Los Angeles World Airports’ (LAWA) LAX Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP)

Los Angeles World Airport

UMS completed a utility engineering 3D project to locate and map all the utilities along the two-mile corridor of the APM project, utilizing the ASCE/CI 38-02 Standard. Multiple advanced 3D acquisition technologies and methodologies were applied to produce a 3D model and BIM output with Quality Levels as per the ASCE/CI 38-02 Standard.


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Our Focus

Reducing Utility Related Project Risks

Risk Management - Utility Mapping Services

At UMS we reduce utility-related risk to projects using the very best methods and technologies to 1) investigate, define and understand the utility landscape; 2) analyze project designs and flag issues, and 3) implement value-engineered and innovative strategies that mitigate utility impacts and optimize project delivery. We transform utility management from inefficient reactive construction struggles into efficient proactive engineering that expedites construction, reduces risk and costs, and mitigates public discomfort. Across North America, we have a reputation for providing services that include:

  Investigating, depicting, and mapping utilities in accordance with ASCE 38/75 standards;
  Documenting facility condition and notifying concerned parties;
  Processing and managing utility data using OGC-compliant, GIS-friendly technologies;
•  Analyzing and resolving issues while building relations through professional utility engineering whereby the public welfare is held paramount over all other interests;
•  Engaging stakeholders (e.g., project owners, design team, utility operators, public and commercial interests) while coordinating the resolution process;
  Overseeing or developing utility designs and specifications as required;
  Estimating costs and tracking work for utility conflict avoidance, accommodation, and relocation;
•  Implementing utility data management strategies and technologies; and
•  Bid document preparation and construction support.